Logan Jewett is a Student of Distinction

Yesterday, the Office of Student Financial Aid hosted the Student Employee of the Year Recognition Ceremony. Student employee supervisors from across campus nominated their best student workers for the award and the ceremony was an opportunity to recognize the contributions they make to our campus. At the ceremony, Logan Jewett was recognized as a Student of Distinction.

Logan and Cy

Logan has made significant contributions to the repository since his hire in November 2012. His first assignment was to upload new theses and dissertations to the repository, which requires He was handed a cumbersome procedure that used Microsoft Excel and Open Refine to convert the metadata we receive from ProQuest into a format we can use to upload the theses in into our repository.

Logan showed initiative from the beginning by asking for permission to write a computer program that would automate the process. In doing so, he researched and taught himself XSL, an encoding language that automates the transformation of XML metadata. Logan’s program cut the processing time for theses and dissertations from over a week down to a few clicks of the mouse.

Logan gave a presentation on his program at the Code4Lib Midwest conference in Iowa City last November, and his work has been featured in webinars by our software vendor, bepress. Congratulations, Logan!


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