Departments: Highlighting publications in the repository

In Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, materials are organized into pages that represent campus units—academic departments, research centers and institutes, extension and outreach units and administrative offices across campus. Every college and academic department has a dedicated page in the repository, and we can easily create new pages to represent interdepartmental programs, research projects and other units, as well.

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Digital Repository @ Iowa State Unviersity

We do this, in part, to make it easy for our campus units to showcase the outstanding work done by their faculty, students and staff. By linking to their pages in the repository, departments can showcase their scholarship to their professional colleagues, potential faculty and staff, and future students. The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering does a fantastic job highlighting the publications that are publicly available in the repository.

In their website’s menu, users can find a link to the department’s SelectedWorks Author Gallery by mousing over the “Faculty by Focus Area” link. This provides website visitors with two options to learn more about the department’s faculty.

ABE Menu

A link to the ABE repository page is also prominently featured on the bottom of every page in its website.


Finally, links to each faculty member’s SelectedWorks profile are placed on their departmental pages. This is a great way to link each faculty’s scholarly output with information about their research programs, extension and outreach work, and teaching activities.


By featuring the repository so prominently on its website, ABE allows its website’s visitors to see for themselves the breadth and quality of the research being conducted by their faculty and students. It’s a great way to enhance the research content of departmental websites—instead of listing citations of faculty publications, departments can now provide the full-text of articles, book chapters and other publications. This also makes the repository a great tool for attracting potential faculty, post-docs and graduate students, who can all gain a better sense of how their research interests fit into the department’s research programs.

It’s paid off—this year 470 people have come to the repository from links on ABE’s website. This makes their website one of the top sources of visitors for the repository.

If you’re interested in learning how to best showcase your department, center or office’s research and scholarship through the repository, please e-mail me to set up a meeting!


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