2010 and 2011 Where were you?

It has been just a little over a month since my last blog (ok, the first attempt) and it did not turn out so bad, so I figure what’s it going to hurt to type out another?  So, here I sit in front of my computer trying to figure out what I should blog about.

The second publication I was trained on was the ISU Daily.  I worked on a few months from 2010 and 2011.  These might be only a few years old, but what have we already forgotten from just those two years?

So what do you remember about 2010 or 2011?  Where were you? What were you doing back then?  School or work or just off seeing the world?  Me, well I know where I was and what I was doing.  I was living in Ames (just moved late 2009) and working here at Parks Library Storage Building 2010/2011 and spent the two summers biking on the bike trails and camping and fishing. Here are some highlights that I had forgotten.

May 2010: Did you know a CyRide Bus Driver made it into the top 10 in a national competition? The Driver placed 10th out of forty other drivers from all over the United States.  Pretty cool, if you ask me. I personally wouldn’t want to be a bus driver, so next time you ride the bus THANK that Driver for getting you safely to your stop and wish them a good day.

June 2010: Maybe you attended a show at the Theater? Helped with Cleanup at College Creek? Or saved a few bucks and took Perfect Games up on their ad and played a few free games of bowling to let off some steam from a long week of studying? Did you have an opinion on the talks about where ISU Cyclones would land in the Big 12 conference?

So let’s jump to 2011 and see what was happening then. In August, Ames was rated the 13th geekiest city in the U.S.  Now that seems interesting; did you even know someone decided to start rating cities to see which one is the “geekiest”?  Well, the National Science Foundation found that 10.7% of the city of Ames works in field related to science or engineering.  So I guess that means we are geeky, but I would look at it as we got some pretty smart folks.

Remember November 2011 and the ‘Perfect Storm’? ISU 37 OSU 31 (football for the non-sporties). The guys ‘Shock the World!’  It was quite the game if you missed it. The Clones’ had never beat a team ranked 6 or better before.  We were all wrong with thinking our guys would be lucky to make it off the field without being annihilated!  Our guys came out with their game faces on and made the country take a second look at ISU.  I was a proud Cyclone that night!

So make sure you don’t forgot to use the Digital Repository as a tool or just a fun way to look up fun facts about ISU from a CyRide Bus driver contest to the one of the best ISU football games ever!  We are preserving all types of information and want everyone to know what it is and here for all to use.

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About smithll

I have always found it hard to talk about myself. I will just give you the basic and boring stuff about my old self. I grew up riding motorcycles (Yamaha 175ty) and volunteering for our local fire and rescue department for about 13 years of my early life. I also do what I can for animals, I love almost all animals (bees and I just don't see eye to eye) and want to see them all in happy homes. I am in my 20th year at Iowa State University Parks Library, Digital Repository. I enjoy ice fishing, a good book or movie (if that comes with popcorn), traveling around (by foot, bike, car, plane, boat, train) to see different places, time with family and friends and hanging out on the old porch with our kitties and especially enjoy the time with my husband Kevin Smith

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