New Position for an Old Hand

I’d like to introduce myself, Susan Rappenwolf, Library Assistant II in the Digital Repository and I’ve been here since September 2014. I am so excited by the work being done by the DR—it gives me pride and energy to make this department the success it is and will be.Susan_actressI am an actress, singer, (used-to-be) dancer, director…if it has to do with theater and being on stage, I’ve been doing it since I was four years old. I started college as a music and theater major, but ended up majoring in English literature at Texas Wesleyan College. I earned my Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Arlington because it was my personal challenge. I’ve done needlework and spinning and other arts and crafts. I love to travel anywhere with my spouse, Sue Wolf. And I have three Yorkshire terriers who make my life full.

I’ve been at Iowa State University’s Parks Library since November 2000 and worked in Interlibrary Loan for fourteen years. But I have been working in libraries just about my whole life. I started in junior high school and high school, working in the school libraries, checking books in and out and shelving books. My first college, Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois, has a world-famous work program and my job was in the library, maintaining the card catalog and lettering and prepping books for the shelves. I worked for ten years at the Fort Worth Public Library in Cataloging, Public Service, and Acquisitions and was a volunteer there for two years before being hired. I spent two years working at the tiny Boyce Ditto Library in Mineral Wells, Texas, in Circulation and Cataloging, and helping out with Adult Reference and Children’s Services. I worked for a few month at the Ames Public Library in Circulation and the Bookmobile before finally finding my home here at Iowa State University. I really tried to break away from library work, but I figure my destiny in this life is to be attached to libraries. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am in love with the Digital Repository. I so appreciate the philosophy of making research free and open to the world. I enjoy working with faculty and staff with all their varied interests and subjects on which they write. I’ve worked on articles about mosquito-vector-borne diseases, fashion merchandising, and condensed materials physics. I feel like a sponge soaking up all this wonderful research and teaching and then squeezing it out to the world in carefully packaged and crafted entries.

Yes, I’ve got the best job in the world right now.


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