Marketing Presentation

A couple weeks ago, Hope Mitchell and I were lucky enough to attend a presentation by University Marketing Director, Carole Custer. Since we are in the process of developing marketing and promotional materials for DR@ISU, this was a great opportunity for us to
learn more about how we can align our marketing with the universities’. So let me tell you folks all about what I am learning regarding marketing and
what it can do for us here in the Digital Repository.

Nameplate = Primary Identifier = Digital Repository @ Iowa State University

Typography = Conveys your Message = Open Access Scholarship

Color = Foundation for your Communication = Cardinal/Gold (also known as Pantone 186 and Pantone 142)

Photography = Draws Attention to your Message = Logo? Or the Download Map?

University Seal = Official Recognition = ISU Nameplate

Editorial = Tone of Message = Knowledgeable & Accessible

Brand = Public Image = Still refining..

This whole presentation got us think a lot about not only all the details that go into marketing, but the emotional appeal of marketing as well. We all have a favorite commercial that made us laugh or cry; while we certainly, don’t want to make anyone cry, we also don’t have the budget to create some big catchy commercial, which makes our marketing materials and branding message all the more important! What do we want people to think of when talking about DR@ISU? What is the best way to convey all of that information in a short amount of time and really make it stick in their memories? These are the questions we will be pondering as we continue to work on developing marketing materials for DR@ISU.Hope Mitchell and Lorrie
Lastly, we would like to give a big thank you to Carole Custer for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come and meet with us at the library! We truly appreciate all her advice and insight!

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I have always found it hard to talk about myself. I will just give you the basic and boring stuff about my old self. I grew up riding motorcycles (Yamaha 175ty) and volunteering for our local fire and rescue department for about 13 years of my early life. I also do what I can for animals, I love almost all animals (bees and I just don't see eye to eye) and want to see them all in happy homes. I am in my 20th year at Iowa State University Parks Library, Digital Repository. I enjoy ice fishing, a good book or movie (if that comes with popcorn), traveling around (by foot, bike, car, plane, boat, train) to see different places, time with family and friends and hanging out on the old porch with our kitties and especially enjoy the time with my husband Kevin Smith

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