How IT and DR relate

blog pictureBefore joining Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, I worked for several years in the Library IT.  You might wonder how the duties in IT could possibly relate to work in our DR.  One of my duties in IT was to assist in Library Staff training.  That meant working with a lot of different personalities and comfort levels in dealing with technology.  Working with DR@ISU, I often work with faculty and staff across campus to upload their publications.  Needless to say, there are many personalities across campus and a big part of my job in DR@ISU is to demonstrate the benefits of open access and help faculty and students understand how to use DR@ISU.

In IT, I often helped staff with various areas of file management and I have found that is also useful here in DR@ISU.  One minute, we are discussing where files should be uploaded and the next minute, I might be viewing a CD and transferring files from it into the repository.  Or another time, is might be trying to figure out what is wrong with our printer and why something is not appearing in the print queue. Really, whatever IT questions or crisis pops up, I’m ready to jump in and assist.

So, as you can see, all the departments in the library, including IT, work together to make our Digital Repository successful.


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