DC+GLUG 2015

Last week, Harrison and I had the pleasure of attending the Digital Commons + Great Lakes User Group (DC+GLUG) meeting at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. This was my first time attending, and having heard rave reviews from Susan and Lorrie, I was really excited to learn more about how other repositories are handling many of the issues we encounter.

Some of the presentations I found most interesting focused on outreach and data management strategies. Sarah L. Wipperman, from University of Pennsylvania, presentation “Building an IR Toolbox for Targeted Marketing, Education, Training, and Outreach,” talked about constructing various “toolboxes,” or websites/folders that contain all the information various parties might need about UPenn’s IR, Scholarly Commons. For example, Sarah’s “toolbox” is actually an online folder filled with items she might need when meeting faculty, including links to shining examples of projects included in Scholarly Commons. Another “toolbox,” Sarah created was a website to act as a resource for liaison librarians or faculty members.

Teresa Schultz’s presentation, “’Make it Work:’ Patching Together a New IR Workflow to Sustain Growth,” was not only interesting, but a presentation I could totally relate to! She described some of the hurdles we all face in establishing IR Workflows, primarily due to the fact that this is developing field and for the most part, we’re all still trying to figure out the best ways to manage our ever-evolving workflows. What I found most interesting about her presentation was the spreadsheets she created for batch formatting. I’m not sure that we would apply those spreadsheets in the same way, but the basic concept could easily be applied to some of the systems we have in place that we have outgrown.

A special thank you to Wayne State University for hosting, Bepress for sponsoring our meeting and us and to all the organizers for all their hard work! DC+GLUG 2016 will be hosted by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. To view any of the presentations from the years meeting, click here.


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