First Year Seasoning

srapp102015I finished my first year with the Digital Repository and it has been a year of learning new search strategies and finding my comfort zone. The department is teaming up to make sure every vita that comes in has been checked, rechecked, and checked again. There are so many different pathways for each item we handle and the DR handles every vita, every article, and every presentation, as the precious item it is.

I have come to respect the work our faculty, staff, and students put into their research. I see the bibliographies, the charts, the evidence of laboratory experiments, and I realize how much people put of themselves into their works. The scope of my tasks revolves mainly around the Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, thus I have the opportunity to scan articles concerning plants, animals, and the interaction and evolution of life on Earth.

As a team, the members of the DR are always stepping up to help each other, giving me the opportunity to work with faculty members from science, engineering, and the liberal arts. My friends who teach are encouraged to submit their vitae if they haven’t done so. I promote our efforts outside the library. I must seem at times like a passionate fool, but the philosophy behind the Digital Repository is what moves a library, sharing ideas freely, without reservation.

This is one of the coolest jobs I have ever had.


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