New in the DR

Hi, I’m Lisa Gilbert and I’ve recently started working in the Digital Repository. I began working in the Library as a student, graduated with a degree in History, and came back to work full-time a little over a year later. Throughout my 20+ years, I have worked at many public service areas in the Library, the last was in the Media Center. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with the public as well as working with the collections. Since Sue Rappenwolf’s retirement, I will be taking over her old departments, which included the College of Veterinary Medicine and many of the life sciences departments, such as Entomology and Natural Resources and Ecology Management.

photoI’m still learning the ins and outs of the Digital Repository, as it is quite different from my previous work. I’m excited to be involved in this new and growing area. I believe the Digital Repository is a valuable and useful tool for people to read what our faculty, staff and students have researched or studied and the Digital Repository makes it easy–one place to go rather than searching multiple sites.


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