Farewell from Susan Knippel

After working at the ISU Library for over 40 years, I have decided to retire and see what else life has to offer. I have seen so many changes in the library over the years, I thought I should share some of the experiences I have had.  When I started in the Library in 1974, my first job was putting call numbers on the books.  Mind you, this was back in the day when they were written by hand inside the book. The library did not have computers then; we had a physical card catalog then. Once we had computers and the card catalog was online, we added online searching and CD-ROMS. Now, most databases are hosted elsewhere and “in the clouds”.

For the last 2 ½ years, I have been a part of the Digital Repository with Harrison Inefuku. It quickly became apparent the work was too much for the 2 of us.  So, Lorrie Smith was added to the department.  I think Lorrie and I were too much for Harrison to handle, so Hope Mitchell was hired to keep us in line.  The work has grown so much that we added one more person to our staff, Susan Rappenwolf.  Susan retired in January and has been replaced by Lisa Gilbert.

People often ask, “What do you do in the Digital Repository”?  It all starts when faculty, staff, and graduate students submit their vitas to us.  From there, we check for copyright permissions from the publishers, upload the articles we have permission to post, and create a personal webpage for each participant in the DR which provide links to the articles.  I should mention that we provide access to more than just journal articles.  There are also book chapters, conference presentations & posters, project reports, patents, theses and dissertations, and so much more.

People are now asking me what I plan to do in retirement.  I have a husband who is already retired and needs someone to keep him on task completing his “honey-do list”.  We are both active in music and have an enormous amount of music which needs to be organized. I also plan to do more traveling. I’m looking to spend the month of February away from our Iowa winter and enjoying the beaches in South Padre Island, Texas.

So, as they say in “The Sound of Music”, “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.”

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