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Digital Repository @ Iowa State University provides free and open access to the scholarship of Iowa State University’s faculty, students and staff, bringing increased readership and higher citation counts.

If you are a current faculty or staff member at Iowa State University, getting your work deposited in DR@ISU is easy! Here at DR@ISU, we use take a mediated deposit approach, which means that our staff will help you to provide open access to your work in the repository.

Beginning the process is as simple as sending your vita or publications list to the Digital Repository Coordinator. From there, we’ll do the heavily lifting to get your work in the repository, including clearing copyright and obtaining permission from publishers, gathering your work, describing your work through metadata creation and depositing your work. We’ll also create a SelectedWorks profile for you, which is a customizable research portfolio that puts all your work in one place!

If you are a student at Iowa State University, please contact the Digital Repository Coordinator if you would like to provide open access to your work through DR@ISU.


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