Resources for Students

Digital Repository @ Iowa State University is a great opportunity for students to build online research portfolios and begin building a research-oriented perspective to their online presence. This will come in handy whether you’re pursuing further education or seeking employment.

Our SelectedWorks author profiles are a great supplement to personal Web sites, providing a place to showcase your best papers, articles, presentations and posters. With stable URLs, links to these items will never break, no matter how many times you redesign your own Web sites! These profiles are portable, which means you can continue to update them after you’ve completed your journey at Iowa State.

If you’re interested in building a SelectedWorks profile, contact Harrison W. Inefuku, our Digital Repository Coordinator.

Examples of SelectedWorks profiles for students

The following SelectedWorks profiles were begun while each individual was a graduate student at Iowa State University:

  • Logan E. Jewett (current undergraduate student in Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Paul D. B. Skrade (MS in Animal Ecology ’08, PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ’13)
  • Benjamin M. Sloan (BS in Mechanical Engineering ’10, current graduate student in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Simone B. Soso (Current graduate student in Environmental Science)

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